About Us

Furry Smile International Rescue ( F S I R ) have been working hard to improve the welfare of dogs/cats since 2005 irrespective of their breed, medical condition or age.Our mission is to give homeless animals with no hope the life they deserve through rescue, foster and adoption.

All of our amazing volunteers donate their time because of their passion for helping dogs. We feel passionately that our role is not simply deal with the consequence of irresponsible ownership, but to also tackle the root causes and reduce the number of dogs needing to access the animal welfare system.

Our rescue ; we take care of them; we try to train them to be socialized; we find them a good home and we make sure dog/cat is living happily hereafter. We also believe in the therapeutic role that dogs can play in our local community. Our vision is a future where all pets are provided with a responsible and loving home for life.


Founder, C.E.O                    

Yenchi Chen                


Our regional agency
 Los Angeles                                 San Francisco,Seattle                       New York                           New York
             Diego Gei An                                   Raven & Wenyen                           Vicky Wu                    Carrie Hong




Medical & Training & Foster care

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